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Yearbook Information

Please email Mrs. La Shae Wilson, Yearbook Adviser, for any questions.

Pick Up the 2017-2018 Spring Supplement

Supplements will be distributed during house time on Aug 21. If a student received the 2017-2018  yearbook and has not received the spring supplement, please email Mrs. La Shae Wilson, Yearbook Adviser.

To Purchase a Senior Ad

More info to come soon.

Order the 2018-2019 Yearbook

Yearbooks are available for purchase with credit card online at

  • St. Michael’s order number is 16571

  • The yearbook order center book sales program is: sales assist-eMail only

  • The 148-page yearbook costs $95.

  • Nameplates cost $10.

    • This is a two-lined metal adhesive that states the student’s name and class.

If you prefer to pay with a check, checks can be sent to the front office for Ms. Wilson to pick up.

  • Pay to the order of “St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School”

  • The memo is “2018-2019 Yearbook’”

  • The final day to purchase yearbooks is Feb. 1

Upload photos

Go to

  • Locate the picture (file) to be uploaded. Select the filename by clicking Open.

  • If you want to upload more than one file, Ctrl-click on each filename. You can upload 10 files at once.

  • Select each thumbnail to select it and enter information about all images. This assures that the information in the yearbook is correct if the photos are used.

  • Click the Submit Image Information when you are done.

  • While we cannot promise that every shared image will be in the book, if you do not share, then your photos will not be considered. (Herff Jones, 2018)

Receive the 2018-2019 Yearbook

The yearbook will be delivered by the seniors last day of school, April 29. Students will receive their book and have the opportunity to sign in each other’s books.

Activities like prom, girls soccer, and graduation that take place after March 25 are covered and printed in the “Spring Supplement”. This sticks into the back of the main book.

Spring Supplements are distributed during the summer to graduates and at the beginning of the school year to returning students.

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