Welcome to Day 2 – Simply Adore

Experience Joy in His Presence 

Tuesday, April 28th


  1. Welcomeby SMA seniors Colleen McNamara & Emma O’Connor
  2. Student Witnessby SMA sophomore Joseph McNamara 
  3. Praise and Worshipvocals by SMA sophomore Toni Barrera, guitar by John O’Connor
  4. Finding Joy in Peace and Silence/prayerby Sr. Jude Andrew
  5. Adoration Exposition
  6. Adoration (15 min)
  7. Pray the Litany of Trust with Kids –  by Sr. Jude Andrew
  8. Closingby Mrs. Hihn 



Listen to: Sing Over Your Children by Matt Maher 

Read: Loved As I Am by Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT or Heaven is For Real by Lynn Vincent and Todd Burpo

Pray: Mother Teresa’s “I Thirst” Letter 

Watch:  Heaven: Your Not Good Enough (and why that’s OK) by Fr. Mike Schmitz

The Litany of Trust Prayer 



Journal Prompt:

  • How does Jesus want to encounter me during this time?
  • What are ways I can simply adore him?
  • Where is he asking me to grow?

Other Songs


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