Welcome to Day 1 – Take Courage

How to find peace amidst the chaos

Monday, April 27th


  1. Welcome by SMA seniors Colleen McNamara & Emma O’Connor

  2. Student Witness by SMA Freshman Brigette Bass
  3. Praise and Worship vocals by SMA Sophomore Toni Barrera, guitar by John O’Connor

  4. Reflection of Matthew 14: 22-33 by Sr. Isaac Marie 

  5. Adoration Exposition

  6. Adoration (15 min)

  7. Closing by Mrs. Burns


Listen to: Christ the Lord is with Me: Steffany Gretzinger

Read: Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Jacques Philippe 

Pray: The Serenity Prayer

Watch: Finding Peace in Troubling Times Daily Reflections by Christopher West


Journal Prompt: 

              • Where have I found peace in the past? Where am I finding peace now? 
              • What does lasting peace look like? 
              • When have I successfully trusted God? When have I doubted Him? 
              • How would I respond if Jesus asked me to get off the boat? What am I holding onto right now that I am afraid of giving up? 

Other Songs 

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