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Watch this video to hear some of our St. Michael students tell their “why” and what they’ve learned about being a Guardian at St. Michael the Archangel.

Admissions Process for Transfer Students

St. Michael the Archangel (SMA) welcomes many transfer students each year!  SMA accepts students transferring into the freshmen, sophomore or junior classes.  At this time, SMA only accepts senior transfers when a family moves to the area.  A student with 7 transferable credits is designated as a sophomore. A student with 13 transferable credits is designated as a junior. Below are the steps needed to be completed for admissions and enrollment at St. Michael.

Step 1 • Complete an Application

A prospective family’s first step is to complete an application through our Parent Portal HERE. A completed records release form is required and can be printed and uploaded via the Parent Portal checklist for the student’s application. This release form allows our admissions office to contact the student’s previous school to obtain their records.

Step 2 • Participate in an SMA “Guardian for a Day” or Tour

All students are strongly encouraged take part in a Guardian for a Day. Students experience what it’s like to be a Guardian by shadowing an SMA Student Ambassador. Information and sign up is HERE. In the event that a Guardian for a Day is not available, families can sign up for a personal tour of SMA HERE.

Step 3 • Transfer Interview

Once St. Michael receives and reviews the application and the previous school’s records, a transfer interview appointment will be set with our administration team. This is to identify and address the needs of each student and family and to foster an open and productive partnership with our families.

Step 4 • Enrollment and Registration

Once accepted, the family will return to the Parent Portal to complete the Enrollment Checklist. This checklist will involve signing the tuition contract, paying the non-refundable registration fee of $400 and signing various releases required for enrollment.

Once the enrollment and registration contacts are signed and fees are paid, the student will meet with our Academic Counselor to set their schedule, sign into PowerSchool, purchase uniforms and other items to begin their journey as an SMA Guardian!

Julie Hyde
Admissions Director

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