Students enrolled in AP English Literature classes for the 2020-2021 school year are required to complete the following SUMMER reading assignments by the beginning of the school year on August 20th.


AP English Literature Summer Reading Assignment 

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Set in Victorian Era England, The Picture of Dorian Gray follows the story of the quintessential Victorian gentleman, Dorian Gray as he discovers his own beauty and the captivating allure of sin and its subsequent consequences. After selling his soul to the devil for immortality, Dorian Gray lives an illustrious life of fame and does not suffer the consequences of his sins in his person, rather the marring effects of sin are manifested only on a portrait. This story of beauty, lust, secrecy, and corruption has captivated readers for years.


  1. Purchase your own copy of the novel (9781586172626) ISBN should match exactly as students will need the critical essays in the back of this edition
  2. Read the novel, paying close attention to the literary devices, motifs and themes
    • Literary Devices:
      1. Irony
      2. Symbolism
      3. Characterization
    • Motifs/ Themes:
      1. Healthy and unhealthy relationships
      2. Love and suffering
      3. Sin and its corrupting powers
    • Faith Connections:
      1. The consequences of sin
      2. Development of a conscience
  3. Come prepared the first day of school to discuss this novel in depth, both literary devices and themes. Students will be assessed on the novel within the first week of school. Assessment details to be determined.

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