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What is the S.M.I.L.E Zone?

SMILE Zone 2019-2020 Seniors

St. Michael Inclusive Learning Enhancement, better known as the S.M.I.L.E. Zone, is a unique special education program for students of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School. It follows Individual Service Plans (ISP) for each student along with implementing Missouri Show-Me Standards and appropriate goals and benchmarks.  Other features of our program include:

  • Individual attention given to each student
  • A flexible curriculum helps students thrive on his/her own level
  • Faculty have high standards and expectations for every student
  • Students who successfully complete the SMA inclusive education program will earn a diploma, depending upon the modifications implemented for the student and the hours in the Special Education Inclusive classroom.
  • After school tutoring is available
  • Students are encouraged to participate in activities including sports, theater, music, and clubs appropriate to their needs and abilities
  • Most students are fully integrated into regular classrooms which allows them to learn along side their peers, which better prepares them for life after high school

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the inclusive education program is the Mentor Program.  SMA Mentors are Junior and Senior level students chosen by faculty members based on their outstanding leadership qualities, strong academic track and dedication to the program.  These Mentors pair up individually with each student to attend class with them and work hand-in-hand with their course work.


Mentors also assist SMILE students to operate our very own coffee shop, The Guardian Grind.  This coffee shop is open on select mornings to students and faculty with a variety of coffee, teas and smoothies.


Our Partnership with FIRE Foundation

FIRE Foundation helps schools in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph open their doors to children with special needs. SMA is one of 14 schools that partner with FIRE to welcome and support students who need extra academic and social supports to learn, grow and make progress toward goals. FIRE grants help support the SMILE Zone and its programs. In partnership with FIRE, St. Michael the Archangel strives to build a culture of acceptance and compassion where students of all abilities grow together in faith, knowledge and friendship. For more information on FIRE Foundation, visit

SMILE Zone Teachers

Nancy McCoy


Audrey Hihn


Katie Kain

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