As All Souls Day approaches, we remember those who have gone before us. A long-standing tradition of Archbishop O’Hara High School, St. Michael is pleased to continue the annual Mass of Remembrance with the support of the O’Hara Alumni Association. Join in us honoring the deceased alumni and faculty of O’Hara and St. Michael.

Mass of Remembrance
6:30 p.m. Thursday, November 4, 2021
Chapel of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus at SMA

Mass will be celebrated by Rev. Thomas Holder, Class of 1980. Guests are encouraged to wear masks.

Please pray for the repose of the souls listed below and for all those who have gone before us.

2021 Deceased O’Hara Alumni & Faculty
Austin D. Yancey, ’13
Jeanne M. Utter Ozburn, ’72
Carl Werkowitch, ’72
Christian G. Bradley, ’90
Conrad Montes, ’71
John E. Cianciolo, ’71
Raymond M. Wynn, ’76
Richard J. Young, ’70
Michael E. Roos, ’77
Kelley L. Tritt Young, ’93
Deborah L. Carr, ’70
Susanna Wernsman May, ’95
Robert E. Schallenberg, ’70
Shelley Rehm Hiesberger, ’83
Sister Rosalie Glantz
Diane M. Marrin, Faculty
Mary Ellen Rose, Office Secretary
Edward (Ned) P. Carlin, Administrator
Raymond A. Schroeder, Faculty
L. Ashley Elbl, Jr., Faculty

If you know of an alumni who passed away this past year and is not on the list above, please contact us at or 816-499-8609.

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