Everyone’s favorite time of day…lunch!

Due to Covid-19 guidelines, here are details to know about lunchtime to start the 2020 – 2021 school year:

      • SMA has 3 lunch rotations for students.
      • Students will eat in their classrooms. Students are encouraged to carry all their belongings, including their lunch in their bags.
      • Orders must be placed by 9:00 AM each morning via the link in the Daily Announcements sent to student. If a student will be late to school (drs. appts, tech schools running late, etc.), they may still order using the link up until 9am, or they can email Mrs. Byrne or Mrs. Berry. Orders will not be accepted after 9:00 AM. 
      • All food items will be served in closed containers.
      • Vending Machines will be available but microwaves will not be available.

Monthly Lunch Menu – January

There are no “lunch accounts” at SMA.  Only Debit Card/ Credit Card will be accepted. No cash payments at this time due to Covid-19.

Lunch Options:

      • Hot Lunch (Tuesday – Friday) →  $6.00 for entree, fruit & vegetable, drink
      • Sack Lunch (Monday – Thursday) →  $5.00 sandwich, chips, fruit, cookie/snack, drink
      • Cold Lunch (Everyday) → Students are always welcome to bring their own cold lunch (no microwaves available for use)
      • Pizza Lunch (Friday)
      • Purchase a grab-and-go item (Everyday) → prices range from $1.00 – $3.00.  Examples include: yogurt, small salads, and fruit (in containers).

Questions?  Please contact Kitchen Manager, Mrs. Byrnes, abyrne@smacatholic.org  OR  Administrative Assistant Kim Berry, kberry@smacatholic.org



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