Everyone’s favorite time of day…lunch!

SMA has 3 lunch rotations for students, depending on Navy, Green or Silver Days.  Click HERE to see Daily Schedule.  Students receive a daily email with Hot Lunch options and can select their choice through email every day before 9:30am.

Monthly Lunch Menu March 2020 Lunch Calendar

There are no “lunch accounts” at SMA. Acceptable forms of payment:  Cash/ Debit Card/ Credit Card

Lunch Options:

  1. Hot Lunch (Tuesday – Friday)
    • $4.50 for entree, fruit, vegetable
    • $1.50 for additional entree item
    • $5.00 for ONE trip to salad bar
    • $6.00 for double entree with sides
  2. Order Hot Lunch Box (Mondays)
    • SMA has contracted with the following vendors:   Chic Fil A, Panera, Panda Express, Jason’s Deli and Spin Pizza
      To order food from My Hot Lunch Box click HERE.Please follow the instructions and be sure to make your payment at the end. If you do not pay at the end, they will not bring an order. Orders must be made by NOON ON SUNDAY.  This option is available through December.
  3. Cold Lunch (Everyday)
    • Students are always welcome to bring their own cold lunch or utilize one of our 3 microwaves
    • Purchase a grab-and-go item

Questions?  Please contact Kitchen Manager, Mrs. Byrnes, abyrnes@smacatholic.org  OR  Administrative Assistant Kim Berry, kberry@smacatholic.org


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