SMA graduation requirements are already designed to expose students to a wide range of content. Through the Learning Academies, students will use their own talents, technology, and our entire community to explore multiple academic areas of interests.  The academic exposure students receive in each category will enable the student to choose a track catered to the student’s interest and abilities.  However, students are not locked into one specific Learning Academy should their interest change.  This course of study encourages students to investigate multiple areas of study.  One of the 6 Learning Academies is Healthcare.


In the Healthcare Academy, students will be exposed to various careers in this field full of opportunities!  The beginning class of Intro to Healthcare offers details about career choices in the healthcare industry.  Other courses that apply to this academy include, Christian leadership, child development, speech, forensics and being a peer mentor to students with special needs from our S.M.I.L.E. Zone.   Students have the opportunity to take further healthcare courses at Summit Technology Academy.  These courses are set up through our Guidance Counselor.  SMA students can also take advantage of the Medical Explorers Program at Truman Medical Center just down the road from our high school!

SMA offers six total Learning Academies for our students:

For more detailed information of our learning academies, visit our Student Handbook for the Learning Academy Chart on pages 23 & 24.  The chart will list core classes and electives related to a specific field of study.

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