All medical forms will need to be completed and turned in before the start of the school year. New forms need to be completed and turned in each school year.

These forms include:

  • Student Health History
  • Consent for Healthcare and Treatment
  • Medication Consent (only for student that are approved by their physician or nurse practitioner to receive medications)

An up-to-date copy of the student’s immunization record due prior to the first day of school for:

  • Any student with updates to an immunization record within the past year• Any student with updates to an immunization record within the past year
  • Any student coming from a non-diocesan school

Sports physical forms will be turned into the athletic department and do not substitute for the student health history form.

Please provide all of the student’s health history so that the appropriate care can be administered if an emergency were to happen. The student’s medical history will not be shared with anyone besides the school nurse unless approved by the student and their legal guardian.

Please feel free to contact the school nurse if you would like to set up a meeting to go over any special concerns you or your student may have regarding their medical conditions and treatments; examples such as severe allergies, diabetes, heart conditions, psychiatric diagnosis, or epilepsy.

You may reach our school nurse Elizabeth Polina or nurse Lisa Haggerty at


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