Need to talk?

At SMA we are care about our student’s spiritual, academic and mental well being.  Our licensed social worker, Mrs. Burns is available to visit with you about whatever might be on your mind.  Please know you are not alone!  Reach out and we will be here for you!

Health and Wellness Program

The St. Michael Health and Wellness Program is committed to helping students create a healthy and safe lifestyle through education, prevention strategies and empowerment. Our program exists to model good decision making that is aligned with our Christian faith. Our goal is to provide an evolving curriculum which reflects current issues and nurtures the heart, mind, body and soul of each individual student. We want to empower students to make decisions that enhance their God given potential so they may know truth, love God, and serve others.

Educate Prevent Empower

Health Class
Student Handbook
Catholic faith
Dignity of human person
Theology of Body
Theology class
Monthly awareness assemblies
Age-specific retreats
Healthy food choices in our Cafe
Full-time counselor
Full-time nurse
Full-time social worker

Community house system
Fellowship Groups
Drug testing
Bullying policy
Tobacco policy
Christian Leadership program
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Technology and use agreement policy
Security System
Social Media Policy
Partnership with Lee’s Summit Police and Jackson County Sheriff

Community System
Retreat system
Random Drug Testing
Christian Service Project
Daily Mass
Virtue of Month
Full-time counselor
Full-time nurse
Full-time social worker
Clubs and Activities
Fitness Center
Professional Learning Communities
Academic Time
Extended hours to meet family needs

Monthly Awareness Assemblies

The SMA staff, faculty, and administration in cooperation with our Community House Leaders will sponsor monthly awareness assemblies that will help educate our student body regarding identified topics of interest. Topics may include but not limited to:

  • Distracted Driving

  • Respecting Life (Pro Life Rally, Suicide Prevention)

  • Dignity of Human Persons (Human Trafficking, Pornography)

  • Healthy communities (Vaping, E-Cigs, Drugs and Alcohol)

  • Gratitude for your body, mind, soul (Anxiety and Stress)

  • Healthy relationships (Dating, Friendships, Sexuality)

  • Healthy boundaries (Social Media)

  • Theology of the Body

TIPS Reporting System

It is always best to report all safety concerns and threatening situations directly to a teacher, administrator, or other adult staff member. However, if this is not possible, the Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services (TIPS) reporting system allows for reports to be made by students, parents, faculty, staff, neighbors, and anyone in the community concerned about the safety of our students and schools.

Reports can be made confidentially, and anonymously, any time you know of a concerning or threatening situation, by completing an online form. These forms can be accessed by clicking TIPS link or the TIPS link at the bottom of website. Reporting a concern or threatening situation anonymously can make it very difficult for the administration to investigate or respond to the situation. If there is a possible or perceived imminent threat, the reporting party should contact 911 or the local police ASAP. School and diocesan level personnel are notified immediately when your report is submitted and your case will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

Examples of threats that could be reported through TIPS include instances of Assault, Bullying, Bus Incident, Cyber-bullying, Drugs/Alcohol, Parent Complaint, Possession of Weapons, School Vandalism, Self-Harm or Suicidal Ideation, Student Assistance Referral, Suspected Abuse/Safety Concern, Suspension Appeal, Threats of Violence and Truancy.

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