Benchwarmer Raffle Tickets are Back!

For just a $20 donation, you can enter to win cash prizes each week of the 2021 NFL Season.

CLICK HERE to enter online now or stop by the SMA Advancement Office. Tickets can be mailed directly to you or picked up from SMA. Proceeds benefit SMA athletics and activities.

How It Works:
Each ticket randomly assigns three NFL teams per week.
Points scored by all three teams are combined to make up your weekly score.

Six Prizes Awarded Weekly:
$500 • Highest Point Total
$250 • Second Highest Point Total
$100 • Third Highest Point Total
$75 • Lowest Point Total
$50 • Second Lowest Point Total
$25 • Third Lowest Point Total

Winners will be announced weekly HERE.


  • All prizes will pay out each week • $18,000 awarded total!
  • Play all 18 weeks of the regular NFL season for one $20 donation.
  • Each ticket has 3 teams per week. The scores of these teams will be added together to determine the winning tickets each week. It doesn’t matter if the teams lose.
  • A team not playing a given week (bye) will be assigned the previous week’s score.
  • Team combinations are different for each ticket.
  • In case of ties, prizes will be split.
  • If a winner cannot be determined, an alternate method of dispensing prizes will be used.

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