Science Students of the Month: 1st Semester December of 2020


St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School (SMA) has awarded the science students of the month to Physical Science student Alexa Ramos and College Chemistry student Anthony Demel.  These students were nominated by their instructor, Mr. Loecker.  Alexa received the award for her caring attitude towards her classmates and her excellent performance in the course.  Anthony was nominated for the award because of his maturity and his pursuit of academic excellence.  College Chemistry is one of several college and AP courses offered at SMA.  Upon successful completion of this course, Anthony will receive five credit hours in chemistry through UMKC, for about one third the price, if he were to take the same course on the UMKC campus.  Anthony enjoys his house at SMA, which meets daily.  Additionally, Anthony appreciates the experiments we perform in science class.

Alexa likes the teachers at SMA and believes the teachers at our school care about the students and do a lot of extra work preparing our students academically.  Alexa is happy that SMA is in person, this year, as it is important for her to be able to see her friends, while learning each day.  Alexa enjoys science because she can see the relationship between variables used and the formulas that utilize each variable.

Pictured above are Alexa Ramos and Anthony Demel.  Alexa is holding Copper (II) Sulfate hydrate which was used earlier this year in a laboratory experiment to determine the percent of water in a hydrated salt.  Anthony is holding a crucible.  Crucible experiments are used when metals are burned in the laboratory.  This year magnesium metal was burned in the crucible during a chemistry experiment.  This article was written by Mr. Loecker (science chair).

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