Science Students of the Month: October, 2020 Semester 1

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School (SMA) has awarded the science students of the month to Haley Walker and Jacob Cohen. These students were nominated by their Earth Science instructor, Mrs. Eagle. Mrs. Eagle’s evaluation of these excellent science students includes the following: “Haley Walker’s love of astronomy was evident when she worked on her space exploration units as she did an amazing presentation for her astronomer, Giovanni Cassini. Haley’s Solar System poster was excellent as well as her Saturn presentation. Even though space exploration is Haley’s favorite subject she continues to put in great effort for specially assigned material. While working on the elements section, Haley created the atomic structure of Argon to display to the class as well as providing information on where it is found and its uses. Her positive attitude is appreciated, as well her cooperative spirit. Jacob Cohen seeks to do his best in Earth Science from completing note packets to designing presentations. One of the qualities I appreciate is his work ethic, when preparing for quizzes and exams. Jacob diligently completes his study guide to ensure he has time to review for his exams. Asking questions to clarify instructions or check his progress on assignments makes Jacob one of the top students in Earth Science. Above all, Jacob’s positive attitude helps him achieve success in science class.”

We are blessed to have Mrs. Eagle join the faculty at SMA. Mrs. Eagle teaches a variety of classes including Earth Science, ACT prep, Psychology, Sociology and Holocaust Studies. Mrs. Eagle brings thirty-six years of teaching experience to our school. When you cannot find Mrs. Eagle in the classroom you may be able to find her at various athletic events and other SMA activities taking pictures for our school. Mrs. Eagle holds a BA in education and a BSBA in Business Management from Rockhurst University. Mrs. Eagle’s favorite part about being a part of our community at SMA are the fantastic students she teaches and our ability to attend daily mass.

Pictured below are Haley Walker and Jacob Cohen with science department chair Mr. Loecker. This article was written by Mrs. Eagle and Mr. Loecker.

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