St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School (SMA) has awarded the science student of the month to aviation student Veronica Amburn, who was nominated by Dr. Brady. “Veronica is very consistent in her work, study habits, and attitude. She strives for and achieves academic excellence and is a positive influence on her classmates. Veronica is always willing to help others adding valuable content to class discussions and class projects. Her questions and comments are always well reasoned and demonstrate intellectual thought.” These are Dr. Brady’s comments about Veronica.

Here are Veronica’s comments about aviation, SMA and her instructor. “I have always been interested in flying and the aviation course gives me the opportunity to pursue this interest. The aviation material is instructive, engaging, and relevant to pursuing aviation as a career. I enjoy learning about everything in the class. The class has a lot of fun projects that give hands on learning. Some things that didn’t make sense on paper are made clear through balloon rockets or paper hot air balloons. Overall, I am always engaged by the material and walk away having learned something new I will carry with me forever! What I enjoy about SMA is how friendly the school community is. Coming in as a transfer in the midst of a pandemic was not easy but the students and staff at SMA did everything they could to make it better. Thanks to my peers I am engaged in class and feel like part of the community. Thanks to the wonderful teachers I have never felt lost in the inevitable difference between class structures and learning formats. I have met so many wonderful people and want to enjoy every minute of the next two and a half years. Dr. Brady is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He has taken my casual interest in aviation and made it grow so much in just one semester. He knows a lot about aviation and is the reason I have learned so much in his class. During class he will tell us about anything we want to know thoroughly and in depth. Dr. Brady has experienced a lot of unique things and I am honored to be able to learn from him. If we struggle in class or do not understand something Dr. Brady is always patient and leads us in the correct direction without giving us all the answers. I can tell he truly loves aviation and he passes that passion onto his students through his stories, lectures, and projects. One day I hope to have made aviation my career and have Dr. Brady to thank for it.”

Aviation is taught at only a few high schools in the entire country and Dr. Brady taches all of the aviation courses at SMA. Dr. Brady brings to SMA extensive aviation and engineering expertise. His qualifications include a PhD in engineering, Certified Flight Instructor in airplanes and gliders and Flight Test Engineer in the US Air Force. Dr. Brady retired from Lucent Technologies Bell Labs as Engineering Manager for Military and Satellite Systems. Finally, Dr. Brady worked for the FAA as the Engineering Avionics Specialist.

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