FIRE Raffle Tickets:

Get jazzed for the 2020 Virtual FIREBall-Roaring 20’s Revival Raffle contest, and change children’s lives!

Just a generation ago, there wasn’t a place at most Catholic schools for students diagnosed with Down syndrome, for youngsters on the Autism spectrum or children with other special learning needs. Thanks to generous support from people like you, our schools are able to welcome students who need extra support to learn and thrive, as well as educate and enrich the lives of ALL of our students. Proceeds from FIRE Ball support our mission of inclusion.

The FIREBall Raffle Cup contest is a strong tradition between the 13 FIRE partner schools. It is another way to support the FIREBall and the FIRE Foundation on a smaller scale. Every single $10 ticket matters, as last year, our stretch goal of $50,000 raised in raffle sale contributed to a record year for the FIRE Foundation!! 3 years ago, the winning school won the Cup by only 3 tickets! Tickets are calculated on a student population ratio, so no matter how big or small your school is, everyone has a fair chance! Bragging rights are on the line. Who will knock off the reigning champ, St Elizabeth Irish?

So let’s go Dolls and Gents! Online sales are OPEN Sept 8th and will close at 4pm on October 7th! Tickets can be picked up in the SMILE Zone. Extra tickets can be requested from Mrs. Hihn. Follow along with our weekly report and support your kids in their inclusive efforts!

FIRE Foundation Upcoming Dates:

September 9, 23 and Sept 30 – Friends of FIRE Meeting Virtual at 7 PM
September 24 – Kendra Scott FIRE Shopping Benefit Night
October 5 – FIRE Week Starts
October 7 – Raffle Contest Ends at 5 PM
October 10 – FIREBALL at 6 PM – Virtual This Year

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