On February 21, 2020, Kansas City will hold its ninth annual Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED) . Mrs. Kroening will be taking all girls that are interested in attending. Please email Mrs. Kroening for more details at mkroening@smacatholic.org. You may register for the the event below. Students must be registered by January 17th. 

Everything starts with engineering; the car in which you ride, the road on which you drive, the phone you use, the clothes you wear, even the food you eat! They all have passed through an engineer’s hands before they make it to yours. Careers range from designing a spaceship to working on the next smartphone. Engineering is not sitting behind a computer solving math problems all day. It’s active, it’s exciting and it’s everywhere! You will get to flex your creative muscles when designing, showcase your social skills while working in teams, consider business and economic perspectives and most importantly, impact the lives of people every day.

Your activities at IGED will include:
 Attending the event at the Bartle Hall Convention Center on Friday, February 21, 2020 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
 Being paired with a practicing female engineer mentor throughout the day who will provide insight into what it
means and what it takes to be an engineer
 Learning about the engineering companies located right here in Kansas City
 Getting answers to your college questions
 Participating in hands-on, engineering related activities

If you want to join Mrs. Kroening for Kansas City’s ninth annual IGED, please have your parent or guardian register online HERE.

OR you may print the permission slip below and mail it in.

Hope to see you at IGED!

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