Pictured are Larry Smith and Lauren Rybowicz in front of a recent chemistry experiment.  This experiment involved the use of two new laboratory techniques: gravity filtration and the use of a boiling water bath.  The experiment performed is a chemical reaction which involves the oxidation of iron metal and the reduction of Cu+2 which leads to the formation of copper metal.

Science Students of the Month: November, 2019


The science department at Saint Michael the Archangel High School (SMA) has awarded the student of the month award to Lauren Rybowicz and Larry Smith.  Lauren and Larry are sophomore chemistry students at SMA and were given their award from their instructor, Mr. Loecker.  Lauren is an excellent student who is excelling in her chemistry class.  Also, Lauren is a highly disciplined student who masters concepts on homework, pays attention in class and helps other students learn.   Larry was nominated for the award due to his highly disciplined nature and his excellent organizational skills.  Larry is a quiet leader who comes to class ready to learn and helps create an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity.

Larry is the son of Larry and Deann Smith and he is a member of the varsity football and track teams at SMA.  Larry enjoys chemistry because of the intriguing formulas involved in the science and the integration of math and science in chemistry problem solving.  Additionally, Larry believes the design of our high school encourages a healthy learning environment due to the large hallways and “free space” in the building.   Lauren is the daughter of Mary Beth and Matt Rybowicz and she is active in varsity soccer, the Guardians of the Alter and the Green Team at SMA.  Lauren also enjoys the atmosphere of SMA.



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