Pictured is Chris Oberkrom next to his teacher, Mr. Andrew Pitts.

The science department at Saint Michael the Archangel High School (SMA) has awarded Chris Oberkrom (junior AP Biology student) as the student of the month for September. Chris was nominated by his Biology instructor, Mr. Andrew Pitts.  Mr. Pitts nominated Chris based on his genuine interest in Biology and his exemplary exam scores.  From early on Mr. Pitts noticed Chris’s willingness to contribute during class discussions, help classmates, and maintain a positive attitude. Mr. Pitts has challenged his class with critical thinking in addition to argumentation and knowledge. Chris has been able to think critically and is able to make a claim and provide evidence and reasoning for that claim.  Chris appreciates the small school atmosphere as well as our block schedule at SMA.  Chris also enjoys AP Biology because his instructor, Mr. Pitts, helps students understand Biology in a way that is clear and intriguing.

Mr. Andrew Pitts joined the science department this year at SMA. Mr. Pitts has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science with minors in Biology, Psychology, and Business Administration from Truman State University.  Additionally, Mr. Pitts has a master’s degree in Health and Sport Science from Northwest Missouri State.  Mr. Pitts’s love for science comes from his father, who worked as a biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Mr. Pitts is excited to join SMA because he believes in teaching science in a catholic school to help his students grown in their faith and he has a great appreciation for the history of science.  Written by  Mr. Pitts and Mr. Loecker (Science Department Chair).

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