The St. Michael the Archangel Science Department has awarded junior chemistry student, Ms. Ebele Mgbemena and sophomore chemistry student Mr. Conrad Fris as science students of the month for April, 2019.  Both students were nominated by their chemistry instructor, Mr. Loecker.  Ms. Mgbemena is very mature and dedicated to understanding chemistry concepts to the best of her ability.  Mr. Fris has exceptional skills in helping his classmates understand how to perform complex chemistry problems.

Ebele enjoys the athletics, academic rigor and friendships she has made at SMA.  Furthermore, she feels close to her teachers, since SMA is a small school.  When studying chemistry Ebele has to work hard as the math in chemistry is difficult for her.  She invites the challenge and figures out ways to both understand and master the material.  Conrad enjoys SMA because the students and faculty are open to change.  Additionally, Conrad likes the accepting atmosphere at SMA.

Pictured below are Mr. Fris, Dr. Kramme, and Ms. Mgbemena.  Dr. Kramme recently visited SMA as a guest lecturer from UMKC.  Dr. Kramme is also the supervising chemistry professor for the UMKC college chemistry course offered at St. Michael the Archangel High School.  This allows students to simultaneously receive both high school and college credit for “General Chemistry I.”

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