Science Student of the Month for March, 2019


The St. Michael the Archangel Science Department has awarded freshman honors biology student, Ms. Sydney Fris, as the Science Student of the Month for March. Sydney was nominated by her instructor, Sister Miriam. Sydney spent her first semester at SMA in regular biology. Sister Miriam observed Sydney to have a great aptitude for science and invited her, this semester, to join her honors biology class. Sydney took on the challenge of honors biology and has excelled in both the lecture and laboratory potions of the course. Sydney enjoys the high expectations Sister Miriam sets for her students and is grateful for Sister Miriam’s willingness to help her students succeed. Additionally, Sydney enjoys the diversity in her classes and in her “house.” Also, Sydney believes our school is very welcoming and the teachers have a variety of unique teaching methods, such as interactive labs. Congratulation Ms. Sydney Fris for the honor of Science Student of the Month at SMA!

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